Winter aesthetic


You would have never guessed it was December at first glance

The air was cool and the ocean still sparkled summer-cerulean when Sarah, Emily, Madison and I carried duffel bags filled with sweaters and dresses down to the beach. The beach basically looked the same as it does in the summer months (minus the crowds of shoobies), but when our bare feet hit the sand, it became obvious that summer was long over. Our feet were frozen within minutes between standing in the 50 degree water and hopping around in the cold sand. I’m always so amazed by how drastically different the beach becomes within a matter of months. But by the looks of the beach, it was almost easy to pretend that it was just another day in July where we had all gotten off work early, just in time to see the sun go down. We just ignored the fact that it was setting at 4:30 instead of 8:30.


Winter aesthetic: Curly hair, bronze necklaces, ocean foam


Cold feet, over-sized sweaters, Ben Howard, opal sea shells



Pale blue, rusty orange, soft purple, creamy white, sunset yellow, baby pink


Soft, quiet, warmth, comfort, peace, exposure



Wet dresses, hair knots, shoelace belts, sandy socks


Hair full of flowers, toes covered in sand








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